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How To Land Your Dream Job

Shifts in global economic forces are shaping the world and its far-reaching effects can be seen in the increasingly dynamic Singapore employment landscape. Driven by technological breakthroughs and regional competition, Singapore’s economy continues to restructure and reshuffle. This is accompanied by a growing emphasis on the concept of lifelong learning, as employees are encouraged to learn and develop throughout their career in order to stay relevant and employable.

A dynamic employment landscape calls for a dynamic workforce.

As a fresh job seeker or mid-career hopeful, it is more important than ever to stay ahead of the curve. You have the skills, the capabilities and the drive – now make sure you have these two points checked!

One of the biggest mistakes that job seekers can make is not being able to articulate what kind of job they are looking for. Formulate an ‘ideal’ job description to facilitate your job seeking process. Be honest about your strengths and weaknesses, experience and areas of interest, and consider the aspects you like or dislike about your current role.

If you believe you have found your dream career, seize every opportunity to learn more about it. Tap on online and offline resources, read books written by people who have succeeded in the field, talk to industry veterans who have decades of experience, and be eager to stay on top of new trends.

Some may even choose to “settle” for a lesser job for the sake of a pay check; bear in mind that could ensnare you in a vicious cycle of underemployment and job dissatisfaction.


Finding the perfect job is like a matchmaking session. Just as there are qualities about the job you love, you are also likely to encounter deal-breakers that put you off. It is entirely up to you to determine whether those aspects are a no-go for you, or something you would be happy to work around.

Resistance to change could be one of the factors undermining your career success. The digitalised workplace has disrupted the traditional path of linear career progression, accompanied by a drastic shift in skill sets requirements. This entails that job seekers and employees must be ready to demonstrate their resourcefulness and adaptability; whether it is working in a different way or being open to taking on new job responsibilities. Having the intention to switch careers does not always stem from feelings of frustration and dissatisfaction. It can also be triggered by your desire to progress and develop – this spirit of positivity and empowerment will be helpful in landing your dream job.

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